NNFC_S2023E9 Tuesday, November 16th at 7pm, Wolverine Farm Publick House

NNFC_S2023E8 Thursday, October 19th at 7pm, Wolverine Farm Publick House

NNFC_S2023E7 Thursday, September 21st at 7pm, Wolverine Farm Publick House

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Who is talking about what?

TITLE Designing Climate Futures Using Science Fiction Prototyping

AUTHOR Patrick W. Keys, Assistant Professor, Department of Atmospheric Science, CSU.

ABSTRACT What will the world be like in 25, 50, or 100 years? Can climate change information be merged with storytelling to reveal possible pathways that society may take? This talk will discuss how I have used science fiction prototyping to creatively explore humanity’s future.

TITLE An Interactive Presentation of Technologies in Semiconductor Manufacturing 

AUTHOR Garrett B., Senior Engineer at Advanced Energy

ABSTRACT Interactive presentation for plasma fundamentals and semiconductor manu- facturing.

TITLE Update from The Canonical Art Corporation

AUTHOR Rick M. F. Sanchez, MTS The Canonical Art Corporation

ABSTRACT A Member of the Technical Staff and The Canonical Art Corporation will provide a teaser of upcoming presentations on AI, natural language processing and the ethics of technology.

NNFC_S2023E6 Tuesday, August 22nd at 7pm, Wolverine Farm Publick House

Join us for another riveting Nerd Nite Fort Collins where passion meets intellect, and where pints meet pondering! Get ready to deep dive into two absorbing 20-minute talks. And the best part? An intermission that lets you grab your favorite beer to sip on as our speakers drop knowledge.

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Speaker 1: Luc Van Loon, Journalist and Storyteller

Title: Breathwork. Abstract: What is it? what does it do? Why should you experience it before attending a lecture on beer?

Speaker 2: Peter Bouckaert, Owner and Brewmaster Purpose Brewing and Cellars

Title: Brewing beer, that must be easy.

Brewing beer predates pottery!  It must not be that difficult. We will not stand still at 15000 year old history, we will go straight to hot current brewing science. The focus is on how other technological developments influence the work now of every brewer, small and large.  Bring a beer!

NNFC_S2023E5s USMC KC-130 NAVs land at Gilded Goat Brewing

WHEN: 6:30PM, 4 August 2023

WHERE: Gilded Goat Brewing, 3500 S College Ave #194, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Sup nerds. Ever wonder what it would be like to direct a 150,000 pound military transport aircraft filled with jet fuel onto a bombed out runway in a war zone at night? Want to know what it’s like being a member of the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Team? Ever thought about finding your way across the ocean using nothing but the stars, sextant and a watch? Look no further! Nerd Nite Fort Collins season 2023 episode 5 will showcase Master Gunnery Sergeant (Retired) Randolph Richter and Sergeant Justin Fritz as they recount stories of life in the US Marines when they served together at MCAS Miramar, Afghanistan, and worldwide from 2000-2003. Be there and be square!

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ABOUT TICKET TIERS: Ticket proceeds go to a charity that memorializes the service and sacrifice of Marines, Sailors and all who have supported the USMC transporter community. The net donation to charity is sales minus costs, there are no processing fees except those charged by eventbrite. There are several pricing options described below.

GA: $10 Just come for the show. (psst, its at a brewery so you can just buy beer there

Student, active, former and retired military, police and first responders: $5


NNFC_S2023E4 Tuesday, July 25th at 7pm, Wolverine Farm Publick House

Greetings Fort Collins, we have exciting news with the announcement of our next event! I am thrilled to announce that Wolverine Farm has granted Nerd Nite Fort Collins a residency at their establishment! With this generous support from the venue we will be investing more into production to bring the audience a fun and informative evening!

TICKETS! TICKETS! TICKETS! We are using eventbrite for ticketing, please follow this link to get yours!

Speaker 1: Chandler Herbst

Title: The art of emotion – re-embracing our imperfect humanity

It is hard not to get overwhelmed with all of the issues in today’s world – between figuring out what to care about, who to be angry at, and where to start fixing any of it. I can’t promise to provide the end all be all solution, but this talk will remind you of what you are in control of so that maybe together – using the skills and knowledge we each already have – we can make this world a better place for generations to come.

Speaker 2: Ben Toms

Title: The history and future of weather forecasting

Forecasting the weather must be the easiest job on Earth. You can be wrong more often than you’re right and keep your job!

Turns out, forecasting the weather has a similar level of complexity to modeling the human brain. To help us understand why, I’m going to go over the past, present, and future of weather forecasting. We’ll talk about armies of nerdy human beings, supercomputers, and artificial intelligence. This won’t make your weather forecast any better, but you will (hopefully!) appreciate the marvel of modern-day meteorology and get excited for what’s to come.

NNFC_S2023E3 Tuesday, June 6th at 7pm, Wolverine Farm Publick House

After two thrilling events full of scientific wonders and technological explorations, we’re back for Nerd Nite Fort Collins episode three, featuring two new nerds and their fascinating tales from the front lines of today’s fast-paced world. This time we’re diving into the hidden realms of encrypted messages and the psychological tactics of digital marketing. Get ready for an evening full of mind-bending insights!

Tickets are available online for $10 or 5 for $35 here: nerd-nite-fort-collins.ticketleap.com/nerd-nite-fort-collins-s23e3/.

Tickets may be purchased at the door for $15 or only $5 with a valid student ID!

Speaker 1: Nick Tait

Title: The Science and Technology of Encryption

Abstract: Stay tuned for a fascinating talk from someone who’s day job is protecting your digital information by making computers a little less dumb.

Speaker 2: Ashley Eining

Title: Digital Marketing

Abstract: Is marketing a business to make you spend more money or is it meant to serve you answers to solutions when you’re in the market for them? Find out more about the psychology of marketing and how to make promotions and ads work in your favor during Ashley Eining’s talk on digital marketing.

NNFC_S2023E2 Tuesday, May 2nd at 7pm, Wolverine Farm Public House

Nerd Nite Fort Collins’ inaugural episode was a huge success! Thanks to my Co-Boss and fellow presenter, Senne Van Loon! I am honored to be in such great company! In attendance our next months presenters. It will be my pleasure to introduce you to a couple of brilliant minds in science and technology, both have achieved academic success moreover, they have made, are making and will continue to make industrially significant contributions to the science and technology that make possible an environment in which humanity can thrive.

Tickets are available online for $10 or 5 for $35 here: https://nerd-nite-fort-collins.ticketleap.com/nerd-nite-fort-collins-s2023e2/dates/May-02-2023_at_0700PM.

Tickets may be purchased at the door for $15 or only $5 with a valid student ID!

Speaker 1: Marybeth Arcodia

Title: What is El Niño and why should I care?

Abstract: Maybe you’ve heard of this elusive “El Niño” that your local meteorologist seems to bring up every so often when talking about the latest strange weather patterns. But what actually is it? Where is it? Should we even bother to pay attention to it? The answer is yes to all three (!) and we will dive into the science behind the famed El Niño and some of that strange weather in our neck of the woods.

Speaker 2: Beth Reid

Title: Cosmic history in a nutshell

Abstract: What does Einstein’s general relativity predict about the history of the universe? I’ll explain what it means to live in an expanding universe and how quantum fluctuations were magnified into the mass density perturbations in our current universe (like our galaxy, star, planet, and you!). We’ll touch on dark matter and dark energy along the way.

Tuesday, April 4th, Wolverine Farm Public House

We are pleased to present the reboot of Nerd Nite Fort Collins on Tuesday, April 4th, at Wolverine Farm Public House. The talks will be:

Quantum Revolution at Ultracold Temperatures
by Senne Van Loon, Scientist at CIRA/CSU.
Exploring the physics of low temperatures, investigating the exciting new phases of matter that occur close to absolute zero, and how these phenomena can be used to design quantum technologies.

Metanavigation max ∮ AΦ ds
by Justin Fritz, Principle technical staff, CEO and curator at The Canonical Art LLC.
Dive into the world of aeronautical navigation principles and their application to everyday life, as well as a synopsis of the state of the art in technology and AI.

We hope to see you there! Talks start at 7pm.

Hello Fort Collins!

Nerd Nite is coming to town soon! What is Nerd Nite? Well, in a word, ‘awesome’. In a few words ‘cool talks and cold drinks’. Stay tuned…