Join us at Nerd Nite Fort Collins Episode 5!


Upstairs Doors open at 6:30pm. Speakers commence at 7:00pm.

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We have two exciting speakers lined up this month: 

Of Mice & Machines: convergence & divergence between modern neuroscience & AI Jordan Sorokin, Ph.D; Staff Data Scientist- Computational Biology at Recursion

In this talk I will walk through some discoveries in modern neuroscience on how our brain processes & interprets information, and share how these findings have inspired modern machine learning methods. I will highlight both surprising commonalities between these two very different fields, but also where “brain-inspired” methods break down. I hope to share with the audience the true impressiveness of the human brain and the beauty of how very different fields can work symbiotically to solve very challenging problems.

What’s in your head? How glia, neuroimmunity, and the blood brain barrier control brain health Kendra Lechtenberg,Ph.D; Program Manager at The International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer

You probably know that a network of cells called neurons shape your thoughts and actions, but only about half of the cells in your brain are neurons, so what are the other 50% up to? These cells — called “glia” — are responsible for everything from brain development, speeding up brain signals, and keeping the brain healthy. Learn about the wonders of glia, how the brain isn’t as “immune-privileged” as you might think, and why all of this matters for diseases like Alzheimer’s.