Join us for another riveting Nerd Nite Fort Collins where passion meets intellect, and where pints meet pondering! Get ready to deep dive into two absorbing 20-minute talks. And the best part? An intermission that lets you grab your favorite beer to sip on as our speakers drop knowledge.


Speaker 1: Luc Van Loon, Journalist and Storyteller

Title: Breathwork. Abstract: What is it? what does it do? Why should you experience it before attending a lecture on beer?

Speaker 2: Peter Bouckaert, Owner and Brewmaster Purpose Brewing and Cellars

Title: Brewing beer, that must be easy.

Brewing beer predates pottery!  It must not be that difficult. We will not stand still at 15000 year old history, we will go straight to hot current brewing science. The focus is on how other technological developments influence the work now of every brewer, small and large.  Bring a beer!