Who is talking about what?

TITLE Designing Climate Futures Using Science Fiction Prototyping

AUTHOR Patrick W. Keys, Assistant Professor, Department of Atmospheric Science, CSU.

ABSTRACT What will the world be like in 25, 50, or 100 years? Can climate change information be merged with storytelling to reveal possible pathways that society may take? This talk will discuss how I have used science fiction prototyping to creatively explore humanity’s future.

TITLE An Interactive Presentation of Technologies in Semiconductor Manufacturing 

AUTHOR Garrett B., Senior Engineer at Advanced Energy

ABSTRACT Interactive presentation for plasma fundamentals and semiconductor manu- facturing.

TITLE Update from The Canonical Art Corporation

AUTHOR Rick M. F. Sanchez, MTS The Canonical Art Corporation

ABSTRACT A Member of the Technical Staff and The Canonical Art Corporation will provide a teaser of upcoming presentations on AI, natural language processing and the ethics of technology.