*** Please note this SPECIAL EPISODE will be held at The Lyric with talks starting at 6:30***

Join the fun with Nerd Nite Fort Collins as we learn about the people, arts, science and history of beer as told by luminaries in the brewing community. Want to drink while you think about beer? You are in luck! Frezi & Peter Bouckaert (Purpose Brewing), are making special Amber Ales & other former recipes, available this night only! Come early to grab a beer and get ready to hear from our panel of amazing beer nerds! BE THERE AND BE SQUARE!

Fat Tire Amber Ale, since 1985
Jeff Lebesch, Founder, New Belgium Brewing company
Jeff Lebesch, founder of New Belgium Brewing Company and the creator of Fat Tire Amber Ale, talks about his cycling adventures in the 1980’s, the origins of Fat Tire, and the events that led to the start of New Belgium.

Beer Delights: Looking at beer through history and geography
Frezi Bouckaert, Purpose Brewing & Cellars
A beer is great as/in/with food. Recently, a lot of books have been coming out about food & beer pairing. But, if you think about it, this is what people have been doing for the longest time. So let’s look at some history of beer, some taste & flavor evaluation of beer, and some ideas for our next meal/beer.

Music of the sphBeers: The intersection of Art, Science, and The Fungal Overlords
Jeff Biegert, Brewing and fermentation scientist, CSU
I have been brewing beer professionally for over 30 years and have been teaching brewing and fermentation science at Colorado State University for over 10 years. When people ask about my background they are always surprised that I have a Music Degree, and not something expected such as a degree in microbiology, chemistry, engineering, or even food science. When considering these reactions, I may ask myself, “Well, how did I get here?”. Let’s dive into the rabbit hole and explore the intersection of music and beer, the science of fermentation, and come to terms with our place in the universe.