Join Nerd Nite Fort Collins at The Wolverine Farm Public House for a special ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY show! We have two amazing speakers lined up for a unique multi-media episode! Stay tuned for updates via our newsletter!

The Art of the Process
Robert Klose, artist/owner Robert Klose Laser Art
Explore the complete artistic process of creating art, from the initial concept, through design and fabrication, to final installation and projection mapping. Join us for a discussion on the creative journey, with the opportunity to view and interact with a selection of showcased artworks.

Hector Berlioz was a Visionary Composer and also a Creepy Stalker
Matt Browne, Composer
Composers and songwriters have been writing music to woo love interests since the early ages of humanity. What a lot of them don’t do is compose massive, ambitious, and groundbreaking symphonies for said love interest after never having met them (nor even speaking the same language). Symphonies which depict a tragic and bizarre story involving love at first sight, jealousy, obsessiveness, spurned love, opium-induced trips, and monster orgies. Well, Hector Berlioz did.

*The Canonical Art Corporation will unveil a collaborative project that mixes visual art with music in a way vinyl lovers appreciate.* Visit to stay informed!